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Performance Monitoring for Developers

Airbrake Performance Monitoring gives developers the insight they NEED to understand how code is performing in production and measure its impact on users.

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Tools to Monitor User Experience Across Your Application

Track your application’s User Experience over time with Performance Metrics that matter, including:

User Satisfaction (Apdex Score)

Total Requests and Request Rates

Response Times

Error Rates

Quantify the User Experience

Automatically calculate user satisfaction across your application with Apdex score, a ratio scale of 0 to 1 (with 1 being the best) that quantifies the number of satisfied and tolerating requests relative to the total requests made.

Narrow in on 3xx, 4xx & 5xx Requests

Airbrake Performance Monitoring breaks down HTTP error requests, giving you an average number of response codes in addition to drill down options for viewing response codes by route.

Speed Up Response Times

Users have little patience for a slow application. With Airbrake, you can pinpoint routes with slow response times and see how newly deployed code impacts your response rates.

Correlate Errors with Performance

Error monitoring, meet Performance monitoring. Airbrake’s Error Rate feature identifies your most error-prone routes. That way you can prioritize debugging routes that directly impact users.

Easy Setup, Installs in Minutes in any Language

With support for over 50 languages, frameworks, and libraries, Airbrake notifiers install in minutes, are agentless and serverless, and have near-zero impact on your code or app performance.

For even more languages, check out the community-supported error notifiers or send errors from any application using our API directly.

Integrate with your favorite tools

Airbrake’s seamless integrations ensure you receive real-time notifications in your preferred collaboration tool, messaging app or e-mail inbox, so you can stay on top of bugs (and bugs stay off your back).

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