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Ruby Error & Performance Monitoring

How to install Airbrake to capture Ruby errors in your app

Installing Airbrake in your Ruby app takes no more than 3 minutes. Install Airbrake notifiers in one of two ways: either with the Airbrake CLI or manually.

Get Started by Using the Airbrake CLI

If you use Mac or Linux, you have the option to add the Ruby notifier to your Ruby project with the Airbrake CLI. With the CLI, you can set up your notifiers from the terminal and send custom errors directly to Airbrake. For download instructions, head on over to the CLI docs page.

[.code-snippet]$ brew install airbrake

==>Installing airbrake from airbrake/airbrake-cli
Already downloaded: /Users/scott/Library/Caches/Homebrew/downloads/df0fa5c39976a1b59da987099de8cb5bf7cabd39f8b26cf3f82e700482176cbd--airbrake_0.12.0_mac-os_x86_64.tar.gz
🍺 /usr/local/Cellar/airbrake/0.12.0: 3 files, 27.3MB, built in 4 seconds
$ airbrake login
Enter your email:
Enter your password:
Enter your subdomain (optional):
Done! The Airbrake CLI is configured for  $ airbrake install --create-project "My Project"
Project "My Project" successfully created:

Project "My Project" successfully created:[.code-snippet]

Don't want to use the Airbrake CLI? Continue reading to learn how to manually install Airbrake to capture Ruby errors.

Manually Install the Airbrake Gem

Create an Airbrake account.

Add the Airbrake Ruby gem to your Gemfile:

gem 'airbrake-ruby'

or invoke the following command from your terminal:

gem install airbrake-ruby

Full instructions can be found on airbrake-ruby GitHub repository.

Frictionless error monitoring for Ruby

You know that something's breaking your application, but combing through massive log files in search of an error is neither appealing nor productive. Unfortunately, it has to be done. Or does it? With Airbrake Error Monitoring for Ruby, you can skip the massive log files in favor of instant insight into your broken code.

In addition to several dashboards that provide general information about the health of your Ruby application, Airbrake lets you know in which environment the error occurred and what deployment caused it. Airbrake Ruby Error Monitoring includes detailed stack traces, context, and browser breakdowns to make it simple to drill down and catch troublesome errors.

Developers rely on Airbrake Ruby Error Monitoring to:

Fix Rail exceptions faster within an application
  • Airbrake tells you where and what type of Ruby errors are in your application, right down to the exact file and line. This means you spend less time trying to find bugs, and more time fixing them.
  • Real-time alerts are available so you can stay up to date with any new errors that pop up in your application.
  • On-Demand Errors will ensure you never have another rouge error affecting your application.
Monitor the performance of Ruby code
  • Find error patterns within your application using tools such as dashboards, deploy tracking, error trends, and so much more.
  • Tracks the health of your application via Airbrake Performance Monitoring (APM). APM allows you to track the UX Experience and the latency of your application via Apdex Score and route information detailing requests and response times.
  • See and fix Job workers that aren’t performing well.
Improve team productivity
  • Integrate applications you already use with your team and collaborate on error fixes. Popular integrations Airbrake supports include Slack, GitHub, Webhooks, Trello, etc.
  • You can also leave comments for your team within the Airbrake App itself.
  • Airbrake automatically places severity tags on errors so you can better prioritize which errors need to be fixed first.
  • Know who did what and when with deployment tracking.

Airbrake created their application with developers in mind. That’s why we’ve made it incredibly easy to install. All you have to do is insert a couple lines of code. With both Airbrake Error Monitoring and Performance Monitoring, you can feel confident that your application will run smoothly. See for yourself how frictionless Airbrake is and try a free trial, today.

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  • Blazing fast, real-time errors alerts
  • Lightweight notifier installs quickly and won't impact your app performance
  • Receive error notifications via email, Slack, or webhooks
  • Fast error search and filtering within your Airbrake dashboard
  • Advanced data security like SAML Single Sign-On - included with all Airbrake plans
  • Integrates with GitHub, Trello, Slack, JIRA, Pivotal Tracker, GitHub Enterprise, GitLab, GitLab CE/EE, Bitbucket, custom webhooks, and other 3rd party apps
  • Dupe error detection
  • Customizable error filtering
  • Unlimited users and projects
  • Comprehensive read & write API
  • Deploy tracking to monitor code quality
  • Performance insight about your total app health including your code, production environment, and the user experience.