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Ember Error & Performance Monitoring

What features does our Ember notifier have?

  • Easy and flexible installation options including npm, Bower and a public CDN
  • Send uncaught errors to Airbrake or manually using a try/catch
  • Add custom parameters to your errors for more context
  • Source map support
  • Control which errors you send with customizable filtering options
  • Works well with all frameworks

Full instructions can be found on airbrake-js GitHub repository.

Frictionless error monitoring for Ember

Your applications are up and running, but your customers are still seeing problems. It's not enough to monitor your servers and apps. You need to monitor your user experience. That's where Airbrake comes in. Airbrake Ember Error Monitoring looks for errors within your application, notifying you when a new error occurs.

Airbrake Ember Debugging is done in real-time and provides detailed stack traces, context, browser breakdowns, and more, giving you all of the information necessary for assessing the scope and determining the root of the problem. Delivered to the communication tool of your choice (email, Slack, JIRA, etc.), Airbrake Ember is accessible via your phone on a mobile-optimized web app. Plus, it installs in minutes, allowing you to drill down and understand what's breaking your application.

Key features of Airbrake Ember Error Monitoring include:
Deploy tracking - see the impact of deploys on your error volumes and types
  • Deploy tracking breaks down the relationship between your deployments and errors.
  • See exactly which deploys introduced errors and which deploys fixed them.
  • Airbrake allows you to filter errors by deploys.
Backtrace, parameters, and other contextual info for digging deeper
  • Click on an error in a deployment to backtrace to the line of code where the error occurred.
  • Create and connect backtrace links to your GitHub account.
  • Filter and group errors by the following parameters: error type, error message, function, file, and environment.
Intelligently grouped errors - track trends over time or across your whole project
  • Airbrake includes graphs displaying trends associated with errors and deploys.
  • Your Airbrake Dashboard provides instant insight into all of your projects.
  • The “Trends” tab simplifies error patterns and shows increases and decreases in errors, deploys, requests rates, response times, and Apdex Score.
Aggregations - identify affected users, URLs, browsers, and more
  • Each error contains aggregated information about the context in which the error occurred, such as server hostnames, browsers, remote countries, remote addresses, and more.
  • All paid Airbrake plans come with the ability to create custom aggregations.

Errors make your customers angry. Delight them instead with Airbrake Ember Error Monitoring. Our tool is designed for developers to keep their applications bug-free. Not only is Airbrake Ember is an amazing debugging tool, but we’re also one of the most affordable error monitoring software on the market. With plans starting at $19 a month, you’ll have access to every single Airbrake feature. Try Airbrake free with a free trial; no credit card required!

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  • Blazing fast, real-time errors alerts
  • Lightweight notifier installs quickly and won't impact your app performance
  • Receive error notifications via email, Slack, or webhooks
  • Fast error search and filtering within your Airbrake dashboard
  • Advanced data security like SAML Single Sign-On - included with all Airbrake plans
  • Integrates with GitHub, Trello, Slack, JIRA, Pivotal Tracker, GitHub Enterprise, GitLab, GitLab CE/EE, Bitbucket, custom webhooks, and other 3rd party apps
  • Dupe error detection
  • Customizable error filtering
  • Unlimited users and projects
  • Comprehensive read & write API
  • Deploy tracking to monitor code quality
  • Performance insight about your total app health including your code, production environment, and the user experience.