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Never Miss an Error with Airbrake

“Perfect for Error Management. It really helps to find odd issues that otherwise would be hidden. We even need it alongside other logging solutions because it’s really made for Developers.”
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Airbrake Error Monitoring Catches All Your Errors Across All Your Projects

Airbrake Error Monitoring helps you understand the Scope of Errors with Rich Contextual Data

User Insights

Prioritize Fixes

Root Cause Analysis

Stack Traces

Deploy Tracking

Understand the Scope of Errors with Rich Contextual Data

Trace the events leading up to the Error with JS Breadcrumbs

Airbrake Error Monitoring’s Breadcrumbs feature in the Javascript notifier gives you a snapshot of the events that led up to the error occurrence so you can determine what caused the issue and reproduce it.

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Easy Setup, Installs in Minutes in any Language

With support for over 50 languages, frameworks, and libraries, Airbrake notifiers install in minutes, are agentless and serverless, and have near-zero impact on your code or app performance.

For even more languages, check out the community-supported error notifiers or send errors from any application using our API directly.

Integrate with your favorite tools

Airbrake’s seamless integrations ensure you receive real-time notifications in your preferred collaboration tool, messaging app or e-mail inbox, so you can stay on top of bugs (and bugs stay off your back).

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