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Airbrake is the award-winning error and performance monitoring tool created by developers for developers, that helps technical teams deploy fearlessly and fix bugs faster.

2+ Trillion

Errors & APM Events detected per year


4+ Star Reviews on TrustRadius, G2 & Capterra


Airbrake is honored to have been recognized as an award-winning error & performance monitoring tool by industry leaders as well as user review sites. Our 2022 awards include:

TrustRadius Top Rated in Debugging
G2 High Performer & Highest User Adoption
2022 Devies Award for Best Innovation in App Analytics/Testing

Our journey so far

While Airbrake has grown considerably since 2008, our goal remains the same. We want to be the best dang error monitoring tool developers rely on to ensure they never miss an error, deploy better code, fix errors faster, manage overall app quality, and - most importantly- keep users happy.

In 2008
Hoptoad (later renamed Airbrake) was created in 2007 as an internal tool used by Rails consultancy Thoughtbot to catch Rails application errors. In 2008, Hoptoad was released to the public. Even in its earliest stages, Hoptoad’s incredible error-monitoring value for developers was apparent.
In 2009
Deploy Tracking added to Hoptoad.
In 2010
A Thoughtbot employee purchased Hoptoad and turned it from a side-project into a business with a dedicated development team, adding new notifiers and integrations.
In 2011
Hoptoad renamed Airbrake.

Why Airbrake? Before air brakes were invented, it was extremely difficult to stop a train in case of an emergency (for example, a runaway train). A train operator on each individual train car would need to wait for a signal from the directing engineer to pull a lever, to stop all the cars at once so the cars wouldn’t slam into each other or go off the rails. Setting brakes manually was also dangerous and difficult for the operators, who had to navigate the catwalks in between train cars. The invention of automatic air brakes (a.k.a. Pneumatic brakes) allowed trains to stop more reliably and therefore operate at higher speeds.

Similarly, one error can impact the performance of your entire application if it is not caught in time. Airbrake allows engineering teams to iterate more quickly by reliably detecting and alerting teams to application errors in their production or staging sites.
In 2019
Developer-centric application performance monitoring added to Airbrake.
In 2021
LogicMonitor, the unified observability platform, acquired Airbrake. With the Airbrake team now part of LogicMonitor, it is our hope that we’ll be able to bring code-level application insights to developers, IT professionals, and operation teams. You can learn more about how this acquisition will benefit Airbrake customers here.

Our Values

Customer Obsessed
One Team
Better Everyday
Always Agile
Trusted Partner

Our mission is to enable every developer everyday to deploy fearlessly with frictionless and effective monitoring.


Our vision is that every developer loves their error monitoring tool.


Airbrake shares the above values with our parent company, LogicMonitor.

Employee Benefits

As a LogicMonitor company, Airbrake is proud to offer:

Purpose-driven, forward-thinking work
Meaningful professional growth
Really great benefits
Generous vacation time
Innovative perks
The best team ever (seriously)

For more information and current job openings, please visit LogicMonitor.com/Careers.

Ross Dickey

Sr. DevOps Engineer

Ross started his tech career as an assistant SysAdmin at an engineering firm in High School, where he was introduced to 2003 vintage monitoring tools like sar, perl, and the crontab. He was an early employee at CopperEgg - a server/cloud monitoring SaaS company from 2011-2014 - where he learned that "DevOps" is not just a way of life, but also a verb and job title.

What’s your favorite part of working at Airbrake?

Hard to pick just one, so a few are:

  • Autonomy: managers are good at giving us a task and letting us work on it
  • Collaboration: team members are good at working together when necessary
  • WFH: this is critical to work these days, and I don’t think I’ll ever take a WFH-unfriendly job again

Thom Cassady

Lead Software Engineer (Ruby/Go)

Thom has been a part of Airbrake for 8+ years, starting as a Support Engineer before moving over to the Product team. He loves pizza, painting, design, ramen noodles, science, programming, and pizza.

What’s your favorite part about working at Airbrake?

Building features people use and learning new things. Personal growth is a priority and people are always willing to share knowledge. Seeing a feature you helped build-out in the wild is also very rewarding.

How do you use Airbrake internally?

Airbrake is an invaluable tool for development. We use it constantly to ensure new features we’re shipping are not introducing new issues. As you develop new app features, it’s not uncommon to overlook an edge case that only pops up when real users start using your new feature within your live infrastructure. 

In Airbrake's case, we launched a minor new feature for projects using source maps: a UI for uploading/managing your private source maps and how they’re used. After we shipped that feature, we noticed that a small population of projects was affected by an error in our code that we did not catch in our private testing. Airbrake notified us of the error, deploy tracking showed us the exact code change and the person who made that change (it was me 😜), and code insights told us where to update it.

Airbrake gives us the confidence to build quickly, knowing that it will notify us immediately if any problems occur.

D. Garrett Hamelin

Developer Advocate

Garrett is an experienced web developer and full-stack engineer with 6+ years of working in the Software Industry. Outside of work he enjoys rock climbing, snowboarding, fishing, playing VR, and Ballroom Dancing. He and his wife have even performed on multiple National Championship Ballroom Dance teams.

Mike Rosado

Community Manager

Many people know Mike on social media as bona fide Señor Pinky. Mike is an active Global Core Organizer of devopsdays.org, and a local organizer of DevOpsDays Dallas and DevOps Live Meetup.

Meet a few of our Awesome Airbrakers

Ross Dickey
Sr. DevOps Engineer
Thom Cassady
Software Engineer (Ruby/Go)
D. Garrett Hamelin
Developer Advocate
Mike Rosado
Community Manager

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