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PHP Error & Performance Monitoring

How to install Airbrake to capture PHP errors

Installing Airbrake in your PHP app takes no more than 3 minutes:

  1. Create an Airbrake account
  2. With Composer:

composer require airbrake/phpbrake

Full instructions can be found on phpbrake GitHub repository .

Frictionless error monitoring for PHP

Airbrake PHP Error Monitoring silently monitors all of your PHP applications 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Debugging is made easy with Airbrake PHP Error Monitoring reporting, environment, and user reports, as well as detailed stack traces. Airbrake tracks exceptions for you so you don’t have to sift through those pesky — and massive — log files when hunting down an error. Instead, Airbrake alerts you immediately in the communication tool of your choice (email, Slack, GitHub, etc.) so that you have instant insight into what line of code broke, the environment in which the error occurred, and the deployment associated with it.

What else can PHP Error Monitoring do for you?

Identify, assess, and resolve errors quickly within your application:
  • Stack traces tell you what happened before the issue occurred.
  • Search and filter functions locate critical errors before they have time to impact the user experience.
  • Aggregated data makes identifying the source of bugs easier, meaning you can spend less time looking for errors and more time fixing them.
  • Leave comments about errors within the Airbrake App itself.
  • Every error comes with a severity tag so you know exactly which ones you need to tackle first.
Know exactly which deploys led to an error
  • By tracking deploys, you’ll be able to find the specific deployment that's tied to a line of broken code.
  • Track trends using deployment data that shows error activity, error rates, fix rates, etc.
  • Hotspots identify error-prone files.
Protect your data with unbelievable security features
  • Airbrake is the only error monitoring tool that is covered by SOC 2 Type II protection.
  • Data sent to Airbrake is secured with TLSv1.2 and TLSv1.3.
  • Airbrake complies with EU-US Privacy Shield Framework and GDPR.
  • Your account is secured against unauthorized users with SAML Single Sign-On and two-factor authentication.
Incredible Airbrake features included with every paid plan
  • You’ll have access to On-Demand Errors/Events, along with Usage Caps.
  • Incorporate integrations such as Slack, Trello, GitHub and so much more for real-time notifications.
  • Log into your PHP application using the Monolog library.
  • Unlimited languages, unlimited users, and unlimited apps.

Airbrake PHP Error Monitoring takes less than 3 minutes to install. Once you install and create an account, you’ll start receiving notifications almost immediately. Discover the power of Airbrake today with a free trial.

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  • Blazing fast, real-time errors alerts
  • Lightweight notifier installs quickly and won't impact your app performance
  • Receive error notifications via email, Slack, or webhooks
  • Fast error search and filtering within your Airbrake dashboard
  • Advanced data security like SAML Single Sign-On - included with all Airbrake plans
  • Integrates with GitHub, Trello, Slack, JIRA, Pivotal Tracker, GitHub Enterprise, GitLab, GitLab CE/EE, Bitbucket, custom webhooks, and other 3rd party apps
  • Dupe error detection
  • Customizable error filtering
  • Unlimited users and projects
  • Comprehensive read & write API
  • Deploy tracking to monitor code quality
  • Performance insight about your total app health including your code, production environment, and the user experience.