Deploy code fearlessly

New deployments can introduce new bugs while fixing old errors. Use Airbrake to monitor the deployment process, measure quality of releases, and help teams fix problems faster.
Fearless Deployments

See the quality of every release, and every project

Frequent code iterations can resolve old errors or introduce new ones. Airbrake Deployment Tracking helps:

Spot Problematic Deployments
Identify changes in performance
Improve Overall Code Quality
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Convenient CLI

Quickly interact with the Airbrake API from the CLI terminal

Airbrake is easy to set up and get started, whether using the GUI or CLI. With the Airbrake CLI you can easily:

Install or add Airbrake notifier libraries to projects
Send errors directly to Airbrake
Upload Source Maps
Capture the output of DevOps commands in Airbrake
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Simple User Management

Airbrake Teams gives managers complete control over user access management, projects, account settings, and more.

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Lightweight SDK’s for most languages

Gain visibility into the health of your entire app stack with agentless and serverless architecture, open-source SDK-based install and near-zero technical debt.

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Seamless Integrations

Integrate with your favorite tools and vendors

Airbrake’s seamless integrations with Github, Jira, Slack and more ensure you receive real-time notifications in your preferred collaboration tool, messaging app or e-mail inbox, so you can stay on top of bugs (and bugs stay off your back).

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"Airbrake is a rough measure of quality and a part of our continuous improvement process"

Todd Tuddenham
Sr. Software Engineer