Real Time Mobile and Desktop App Crash Reporting with Context

Get notified about app crashes in real time, before users (and app ratings) are impacted.
For Android
The Airbrake notifier for Android is designed to give you...
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For iOS
Installing airbrake in an IOS app
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For Swift
Installing Airbrake in a Swift application
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For React Native
Installing Airbrake in a React Native application
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For Kotlin
Installing Airbrake in a Kotlin application
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Effortless Error Tracking

Identify mobile and desktop app crashes at the moment they occur

Get instant notifications of any errors thrown from your mobile applications with just a few lines of code

Simple to install and configure
Zero performance impact
Automatic reporting of unhandled exceptions
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Intuitive Issue Management

Easily pinpoint and prioritize the most impactful errors

Triage incidents quickly and easily with powerful search functionality and intelligent grouping of similar errors

Set error severity and control notification thresholds
Ignore specific errors and filter out sensitive information
Get direct notifications in Slack, Jira or Github
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Fearless Deployments

Correlate Errors and Performance with Deploys

Get all the essential information about your mobile app release including:

WHO deployed WHAT code
WHEN the code was deployed
WHERE changes occurred, and
HOW it impacted your users
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"Recently we've been doubling down on clear ownership. Being able to integrate specific Airbrake projects with specific Slack channels has helped in automatically routing concerns to the right team."

Patrice Liang
Sr. Software Engineer, Blinkist
Winner of the Apple App Store Editor’s Choice Award