Case Study
January 19, 2023

E-Commerce Platform CTO Resolves Downtime Issue with Airbrake

"Airbrake didn't just save the day. It saved more than one day! We followed the Airbrake Error Log like a Bible to pinpoint and fix the issues in Ruby on Rails."
Enrico Deleo

Moovenda is an online food delivery service based in Rome, Italy. We spoke with Enrico Deleo, CTO of the team that builds and maintains Moovenda’s tech stack, to find out how they use Airbrake to triage incidents, and what they love about Airbrake.


Due to increasing demand, especially when hit by thousands of orders during the weekend, Moovenda’s customer platform kept experiencing downtime. In fact, it would crash every day for no apparent reason. This part of the platform was in charge of registering orders and customers, so it really was mission critical. Unfortunately, part of the customer platform was a legacy project built in Ruby on Rails and the developer who mainted the platform left the company. So, Moovenda’s engineering team needed a way to get the platform back up and running smoothly without having to comb through every single line of code in the hopes of finding the bugs responsible for their app’s crashes.


According to CTO Enrico Deleo, Airbrake didn’t just save the day, “Airbrake saved more than one day!” Moovenda’s engineering team “followed the Airbrake Error Log like a Bible to pinpoint and fix the issues” in Ruby on Rails. Airbrake helped Moovenda by grouping similar errors and prioritizing hot spots, so they could pinpoint the issue and fix it in Ruby on Rails in the short term while they worked on creating a new platform in Node.js.


Originally, a colleague had recommended using Airbrake after they found it was too hard to get started with Sentry. Airbrake was so easy to implement and made such a big difference to the project, that Enrico started using it with his other customers as well. He even created a Pino-Airbrake transport for his own use, as a way to filter only high level errors with Airbrake, and keep the log level he wanted without polluting the Airbrake dashboard.

About Enrico

Enrico Deleo is a self taught developer who prefers coding in Node.js and Typescript. In addition, Enrico is an entrepreneur with his own consulting company, Traction Management, where he serves as a CTO for multiple startup companies, including Moovenda. 

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